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I’ve spent the last 30 years kinda struggling to see exactly what my role in this whole thing was supposed to be. After years of work, study, wondering, and trying to see how I could make a difference, I kept getting the same, simple message:

Just do this.

A dream I had this May, told it to me simply: Just climb to the top of a hill, and start broadcasting. What you are already doing, means something. Will mean something to people.

And in truth, what I do often does seem meaningful to people. But when I’d try to think about putting it out there, there was always some reason why it wasn’t quite ready. It’s taken a while to realize that what I do naturally is “my thing”. That’s what I’m here to do.

Just turn on the radio tower… I was at the top of a high hill, in a small radio station. There was nobody to broadcast, and I was supposed to do it.

So I am here… turning on the broadcast.

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